People and equipment


Oct to May Jun to Sep
Campers 3,40€ 4,50€
Campers (6-10 year olds) 2,10€ 2,80€
Cars 3,80€ 5,30€
Buses 42,00€ 58,80€
Motorcycles 2,60€ 3,60€
Boats and jet-skis 2,60€ 3,70€
Canoes and boards 1,40€ 2,00€
Motorhomes/Trailers Tent 7,20€ 11,00€
Motorhomes (replacement of dirty water up to a limit of 2 hours) 5,00€ 5,00€
Tents up to 6 m2 (2 people maximum) 4,80€ 7,50€
Tents over 6 m2 and up to 12 m2 (4 people maximum) 7,20€ 10,50€
Electric supply (6 A) 4,00€ 4,20€
Chalet (1 family up to 6 people) 60,00€ 90,00€
Bungalows (1 family up to 2 adult and 1 child) 40,00€ 60,00€
Caravans (1 family up to 3 people) 30,00€ 45,00€
Caravans (1 family up to 4 people) 40,00€ 60,00€


Telephone numbers for booking: 224760162/919279494.

Other information

1. The holders of Camper License, duly updated, will be made a 10% discount on the prices of this table, except for electricity, chalet, bungalows and rental caravans.

2. The prices indicated in this table include VAT at the rate of 6%, except electricity whose VAT, also included, is 23%.

3. These prices include hot baths and use of the pool when open.

4. In the months of June to September, tent places are subject to prior reservation, as well as payment, at the time of booking, of a deposit of 50% on the cost of the tent during the reservation period.

5. To the campers, shareholders of the Company, a discount of 20% will be applied, on the values of this table, applicable to the owner’s stay, except for electricity, chalet, bungalows and rental caravans.


Users under the age of 18 may only attend the Park when accompanied by their parents, or by an older person who is responsible for them, by means of a written declaration to that effect.